News and updates!

June update:

- Am hard at work on composing the music for 'HorsePower Live!"

Our first, informational website is just up:


This wonderful new family-based entertainment show will premiere this summer at the CNE grounds in Toronto, from July 28 to August 14

Horses in all their beauty.... different breeds, trick riders, fun and games.... in rehearsals now!

- Just finished composing the music for the opening/introduction of the RAM Rodeo Tours for Ontario. Plus, some music for the bull riding, some crowd cheering, and interludes. More to come for the other events! It will be heard from now through October at rodeo events produced by

- They're playing my music! Caledon Equestrian Park has been playing some music they commissioned me to compose…. special music for the introduction of the jumping and dressage horse shows as well as their trophy rides. 

- Music for equestrian dressage rider Jessica Costello is still in the works. Some changes are to be made because of a change in choreography for the horse. It will premiere this July or August for some of Jessica's competitions/shows.

- Here is an "Equine composition" demo I just put together for the Ross Millar Group 

.... hot off the press! This current demo video not only highlights some musical possibilities for dressage 'freestyle' events, but it also showcase some other styles of music from past equine projects I've been involved with.

I'll be starting in on some music work with Ross this coming spring for a new Equine-based traveling show that his company is currently putting together.

Ross will also be representing me and helping to get information about me and my music out to the Equine world. I very excited to have the chance to team up with Ross to make some great things happen!

If you are considering adding original music to your dressage event, I'd love to talk to you about various possibilities!

You can reach me via my contact information on this site, or contact Ross at:

Ross Millar


To view/listen to some of my other original music from a variety of past projects, please visit:


Recent composition projects

This past November, I was honoured to be asked to compose music for Toronto's  "Royal Rodeo of the Royal Winter Fair" (opening/introductory music for host/mc, colourguard and flag carriers, and special guest host, Canadian TV star Amber Marshall of 'Heartland')

Here is the opening that I captured on my camera, and it came out very well!  I shot this video from 'backstage', the area where the cowboys and stock are gathered. There's a view of the arena's big screen where the video production for the webcast and audience showing the production work. The show was produced by Robert (Bob) MacAskill and my brother, Ross Millar. Great show, guys!

This coming March, 2014 is the "CanAm All Breeds Expo" in Orangeville, ON. I wrote this music for the promotional video:

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Cam's musical skills have been utilized by band leaders, choreographers, ice skaters, film makers, universities and private schools.  His innately collaborative nature has made him an ideal partner for many creative people.  

Dedicated to creating the right product for the right situation, Cam eagerly seeks new projects for which he can contribute appropriate music and sound.

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